Custom UI/UX

Offering extensible and innovative features is nearly pointless if they aren’t easy to use and attractively designed. OnPoint has spent years developing sophisticated and mature technologies – while making the way those features are presented and packaged one of our truly unique and powerful differentiators.

Our interface designs start off being presentable through a hard coded User Interface (“UI”) that’s functional, intuitive and polished. Standard UIs have a basic set of customization features including the ability to change colors, modify onscreen text (and localize), add customer/event branding, and enable/disable core features not in use. These standard UIs served their purpose for customers of all sizes/budgets for many years but as T&D teams attempted more sophisticated and often “radical” use cases for their installations, they began to demand much greater flexibility in the way their learners needed to experience their assigned content through their selected features – thus was born the need for OnPoint’s custom User Experience (“UX”) approach. Today, the majority of customers and partners take advantage of OnPoint’s customizable templates and custom UI/UX capabilities, and leverage these capabilities to simplify program design, accelerate adoption and drive engagement for the varied use cases our software is tasked to deliver.