A Learning Experience Platform (LXP/LEP) is a software offering that focuses on delivering a personalized learner experience – one that goes beyond the traditional Learning Management System for enterprise Learning & Development (L&D). In contrast to a traditional LMS, LXP/LEPs typically function as a curation and content aggregation layer between an organization’s internal digital learning assets, the vast amount of external content available on the Internet, and user generated content. Designed to capture the learning that happens outside of formally assigned training, the outcome is a personalized and interactive hub for learning that extends beyond the curricula made available by internal L&D. Additional features often include prebuilt integrations with other solutions, gamification elements, collaboration features, advanced Admin and User functions, and social features.

OnPoint’s technology sets can now be combined to serve as a next generation LXP/LEP solution for several progressive customers that performs as a modern and flexible front-end for delivering personalized learning journeys to every user. OnPoint’s LXP/LEP implementations seamlessly mix online and mobile delivery with internal training content and resources as well as external content libraries from popular third party sources and publishers like Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft, Open Sesame, Harvard Mentored Manager, Get Abstract, YouTube, Microsoft SharePoint and many others. These LXP/LEP implementations typically leverage OnPoint’s advanced Suggestion Engine module to serve up personalized recommendations and curated learning paths based on a learner’s own experiences, progress and preferences using advanced machine learning algorithms and Administrator-tuned parameters and biases.

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