Gamification – the application of game dynamics and game elements in non-gaming contexts – is taking many industries by storm, and OnPoint’s customers are proving game-based learning is not only practical and possible but also makes a difference in driving employee engagement. In Spring 2012, OnPoint Digital became the first commercial LMS/LCMS platform provider to offer a full-featured Gamification Engine as a fully integrated module to an online and mobile learning platform. Approached correctly, gamification can make learning more interesting and effective without a huge investment in time, money or personnel. For more information please view our Gamification White Paper.

A selection of integrated gamification features available in OnPoint’s online & mobile platforms includes:

  • General Functionality

    • Games/Missions definition/assignment
    • Achievement levels determined
    • Acceleration points for tasks completed “early”
    • Bonus points for tasks completed outside of prescriptive approach
    • 4 selectable leader boards (master, group, regional, challenge/social)
  • Formal Learning

    • Associate points/achievements with any assigned online/mobile course, ILT/webinar session, test/quiz/survey
    • Earn points for access, completion, embedded tests (SCORM scores, xAPI activity results)
    • Achievements attained through specific or relative learning assignment completions
    • API support for external learning assignment completions (e.g., 3rd party LMS, industry credentialing authority, other)
  • Informal Learning

    • Associate points/achievements with any informal/social learning tasks like forum participation, documents or RSS feeds reviewed, UGC contributions, others
    • Earn points for validated F2F meetings with any manager, mentor, subordinate, peer, etc., or other defined ‘Activity’ or external task
  • Badges, Trophies & Rewards

    • Digital badges can appear anywhere in game mechanics, custom UXs, and company directories as desired
    • Select/assign badges & trophies from standard image libraries or create your own
  • Reporting Tools & Dashboards

    • Standard reports detail game progress, leaders, outcomes
    • Drill down support for attained achievements by individual, group
  • Integration with Third Party Tools/Platforms

    • Create online portal and/or CellCast mobile app in connection with an in-house LMS lacking gamification functionality
    • Tie game results/outcomes to 3rd party Reward/Incentive Platforms via APIs
    • Game-enable training results/outcomes recorded in other LMS/TM Platforms via APIs
  • Advanced Functionality

    • Design/display game themes using Game Board functionality


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