Global mLearning for Product Launch


BlackBerry’s Channel Partner Training team wished to move beyond historical online training courseware and webinars by pushing weekly product launch materials detailing key features of BlackBerry 10 to sellers as mLearning content delivered directly to every participant’s own mobile device.  


Sales reps at leading wireless carriers and big box retailers around the world were encouraged to register for BlackBerry 10 product knowledge bursts (as bespoke HTML content, marketing/technical videos, short assessments) using whichever mobile handset or tablet device they preferred – BlackBerry, Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows Phone. New content alerts leveraged device-specific push notifications to drive engagement.


Select carriers opted to use game mechanics and dynamics to motivate sellers and increase engagement levels. Completed training modules yielded awarded points that highlighted the performance of top learners and earned them prizes in other incentive reward systems.

Custom UI/UX

Responsive UX was easily branded for each carrier/retailer enabling their selected features and localized to sellers in all participating countries. A single UX template supported every mobile handset and tablet.


Carrier/retailer-specific self-registration pages were created for each participating partner streamlining and automating participation via one easy to communicate web subdomain. Select partners leveraged available APIs to connect training outcomes to their own internal LMS and incentive reward platforms.


Launched January 2013 and expanded to all sales theaters covering 110K workers at 95 unique companies in 25 countries in 14 languages. 


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