Next-Gen Onboarding Program


Grainger is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company established in 1927 to provide an efficient solution for fulfilling business customers’ needs through direct sales and catalog services. Grainger began working with OnPoint in 2013 in an effort to rethink their onboarding process for outbound sales associates using mobile technology by eliminating printed training materials and providing improved ways to engage these new hires with the company, their managers/mentors and their peers. Today, Grainger is one of OnPoint’s premiere use cases for online and mobile delivered training programs applying scores of available features in innovative ways to help them save time, money, and improve business results.


To provide a consistent experience for new hires who might prefer to learn through their desktop or laptop PC, Grainger also implemented an online Learning Portal which aligned both functionality and aesthetically with their mobile and tablet environments. Game mechanics, discussion boards, formal training, and any informal activities to be completed are all now available through a standard web browser and users can switch modalities at any time.


Grainger’s first initiative was to provide a more convenient way to deliver their onboarding program and materials. Company-issued Apple iPhone handsets and iPads tablets to distributed to new hire sales associates replacing the bulky 3-ring binders of the past with a modern, digital solution set that was expected and demanded by the mostly millennial workers. Branded GML (“Grainger Mobile Learning”) apps were installed on all the devices that supported for a more media-rich and interactive content environment that was available anytime, anywhere.


Grainger leverages game mechanics to further engage their new sales associates. Point values are allocated for completed modules that, through the spirit of competition, generally drive learner engagement and accelerate onboarding participation.

Custom UI/UX

Grainger’s Responsive UX allowed for a clean, intuitive experience for both mobile and tablet users and was ultimately extended to provide consistency for online users as well.


All access to Grainger’s Learning Portal and mobile environments are strictly controlled through Grainger’s SecureAuth single sign-on services. Integrated APIs also connect OnPoint’s OPLS and CellCast environments directly to daily HRIS and ERP feeds. Finally, a direct connector into Grainger’s Cisco Webex service facilitates ILT registrations and attendance.


Launched Spring 2013 to 500 users, the platform has expanded to support a broader team of 4,000+ sales professionals across North America.


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